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Research Forum 2023

Join us again this year!

7 years ago, the Training and Research Department of Zanmi Lasante (ZL), through the Medical Education Directorate, launched an annual scientific research forum. The goal was initially to strengthen the scientific research skills of residents.


Wanting to include researchers from other spheres as well, with a direct or indirect link to health, starting November 2021, the event has been renamed the "Scientific Research Forum". The research forum offers a space for interdisciplinary exchanges, open to those wishing to share the results of their scientific research with an informed audience interested in constructive discussions in science and health.


It also fosters the creation a framework for the development of essential skills among health professionals in the country, as well as an ongoing dialogue and collaboration between researchers and medical personnel. This activity wants to highlight the strengthen the safety, quality of care, and research capabilities of our medical teams, in alignment with Zanmi Lasante's overall mission of providing preferential treatment for the most vulnerable.

This year, the Scientific Research Forum will take place on February 15 and 16, 2023 at the Mirebalais University Hospital (HUM), both in-person and virtually, around the theme of "Social pathologies and global health in Haiti".

Social Pathologies and Global Health in Haiti

Why this particular theme?

The relation between power and day-to-day life pushes us to assess the living conditions of the population. Hence the risk of an increase in acts of violence, environmental disasters, socio-political crises. These circumstances tend to provoke incessant displacements of the most vulnerable, who overnight become homeless, and deprived of all rights in Haiti. Social pathologies lead to medical pathologies and diseases. Unfortunately, these go beyond the capacity of health institutions in Haiti, that often do not have all the resources necessary to tackle these issues.

Indeed, according to estimations made in 2004, revised once again in 2012 by the MSPP (2012), “the Haitian health system offers formal care to approximately 47% of the population (..)”. This figure is contradictorily estimated at 60% in other MSPP documents (2013). As such, “Haiti is far from the WHO minimum standard of 25 professionals per 10,000 inhabitants. The country has an average of 5.9 doctors or nurses and 6.5 health professionals per 10,000 inhabitants. »


How do such factors of inequality, where social and medical pathologies meet, constitute crisis factors that affect the functioning of healthcare institutions?


The organizing committee, led by Dr. Adler Camilus, will be pleased to analyze your communication proposals with the contribution of the members of the Scientific Committee.


This forum will allow you to share the results of your research with the national and international scientific community.

How to participate?

  • A 300-word summary of the presentation, including the title (in French or in English) no later than January 15, 2023.

  • A presentation note, including the field, the research axes and the institution associated with this research.

  • Submit your application via the following link:

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