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We fight injustice by making health care accessible to those who need it most.

Zero deaths under 5 due to malnutrition

In Haiti, malnutrition is the main cause of death for children under 5. About 11,000 children under 5 suffer from acute malnutrition in the departments of Central Plateau and Artibonite. Zanmi Lasante's malnutrition program strives for ZERO deaths of children under 5 due to malnutrition. Thus, in 2013, the Nourimanba production center was inaugurated by combining the nutrition expertise of the Abbott funds, the expertise of Zanmi Lasante in the field of health, and the skills and knowledge of a local Haitian team. The Nourimanba production center is managed and operated by a Haitian team, and focuses on the production of Nourimanba, a treatment for children suffering from malnutrition. Nourimanba has been produced locally and distributed by Zanmi Lasante since 2006. It is a high-calorie, high-protein paste that has only five ingredients: peanuts, powdered milk, canola oil, sugar, vitamins. Nourimanba has a nutritional profile that responds to malnutrition very effectively. A 6 to 8-week treatment of Nourimanba revives a child on the verge of dying of malnutrition.

Zanmi Lasante provides Nourimanba free of charge to patients from all of its sites across the Central Plateau and Artibonite regions. The partnership also supports local farmers who supply the groundnuts necessary for the production of Nourimanba. The emphasis is on the quality of the necessary groundnuts, the efficiency of the value chain, and competitiveness. Zanmi Lasante and the Abbott Fund A program includes three fully integrated components aimed at expanding the capacities and increasing incomes of local farmers:

  • Train farmers and provide them with the necessary resources

  • Recruit and train new agricultural service providers

  • Create centralized markets.

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