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Stand with Us

Join us as we honor the heroic team of HUM 

“We are not quitting. We are working seriously to return to an environment of safety and peace at the hospital.”

In the early hours of September 26, our dedicated team at Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) faced an unthinkable ordeal. An armed gang invaded the hospital, unleashing violence that shook our sanctuary of care to its core. They fired indiscriminately, even targeting the neonatal intensive care unit, a place where our tiniest patients rest. 

Our team swiftly sprang into action, moving as many patients as possible to safety and seeking shelter. Thankfully, no patients or staff were physically harmed during the attack, but the emotional toll lingers. The harrowing result was that nearly half of the patients in the hospital at that moment fled, including critically ill individuals who require continuous access to life-saving medical care. 

"Doctor Marckley was one of the many doctors who didn’t leave the hospital. He was there when the armed men penetrated the compound and he stayed to take care of his patients. He was there leading his team and working throughout the morning. "

- Zanmi Lasante Employee

Our Ongoing Commitment to Care 

In the aftermath, Zanmi Lasante (ZL) has been working tirelessly to protect and care for our team members and patients. We've been diligently locating those patients who fled and ensuring they receive the care they urgently need. 


Despite the dangers, our incredible team continues to show up every day, journeying through conflict-ridden areas to reach their workplace. They carry not only their own concerns but also the well-being of their patients on their shoulders. It's this extraordinary commitment that keeps our doors open and ensures that HUM remains a refuge for the most vulnerable Haitians. 

"Miss Junie spent the better part of the morning after the attack trying to convince parents not to take their babies from the NICU. She was terrified that these premature babies would die without the specialized care provided at HUM."


Your Support Can Make a Meaningful Difference 

Now, more than ever, your support is crucial. We invite you to stand with us and support HUM in the following ways: 


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Send messages of encouragement and solidarity to our heroic team members. Your words can provide strength during these challenging times. 

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“We are not quitting. We are working seriously to return to an environment of safety and peace at the hospital. We understand that the staff went through a very traumatic experience, and we are taking all the precautionary steps to reassure them and ensure their safety throughout the compound”

- Jean Antoine, security consultant at HUM. 

Thank you for standing with us in this critical time. 

Hello. I just saw the article about HUM being attacked, after thinking checking this site out. That’s terrible, yet you people are so kind. As a high school junior, I hope to be able to join you all somehow, someway, one day.


You’re all such incredible, brave people. I admire your strength and dedication. Keep fighting the good fight.


Please know that your courage and commitment in these difficult days is an example to us all around the world. You are in my prayers.


Chers (ères) ami(es), collègues et compatriotes, Je ne peux imaginer combien la situation est stressante pour vous. J’espère que vous allez doubler de vigilance tout en cherchant la force nécessaire pour continuer à servir dans ce contexte difficile. Rete prudan e nan lapriyè ! 🙏🏾


We are so grateful to everyone at ZL for your dedication to the patients (our bosses) during this incredibly difficult time. It's so awful to think about HUM not being a place of sanctuary and safety. Your hard work in the face of this kind of violence is remarkable. Truly, you are all heroes. You embody the values of PIH- ensuring a preferential option for the most vulnerable, the most in need of care. Mesi anpil- know that all of PIH stands with you.


Thank you for doing the work of love. Thinking about you all every day and sending you love and light now and always. Ekip solid.


Ekip HUM nan, nou telman apresye kouraj nou ak solidarite nou ak tout pasyan nou yo pou kontinye misyon nou an nan kelkeswa sityasyon ki rive nou. Nan menm tan nou konnen soufrans la anpil e nou vle nou konprann ke nou menm nan gwo fanmi PIH lan ap travay san rete pou nou ka reprann aktivite nou yo. Tanpri pran swen tet nou pandan nap ede lot moun paske travay nap fe se yon travay de lamou. Kenbe fem.

Cate Oswald

Mesi Anpil ZL! During times like this, would rather be beside you all in a storm than safe and warm by myself.

Jean Claude Mugunga

Zanmi La santé est l'une des ONG le plus sociable en HAÏTI à travers des différentes sites qui fournissent des soins de santé au population le plus vulnérables du pays,je salue le courage et le dévouement des différentes fonctionnaires de Zanmi Lasante malgré les troubles sociopolitiques du pays,ils mets tous les savoir-faire au service de la population,j'encourage Zanmi Lasante à faire plus encore pour satisfaire les habitants D'HAÏTI qui n'ont pas les moyen économique de payer pour avoir des soins de santé qu'ils en ont besoin.Que Dieu Bénisse HAÏTI,Que Dieu Bénisse Zanmi Lasante.


ZL's enduring and unwavering dedication to the people of Haiti is inspiring to behold. To the brave team members at HUM who, in spite of the risk to their own safety and well-being, continue to protect and care for their patients with compassion and great courage -- please know that each one of you serves as a beacon of light and hope during this darkest of times. Lespwa fe viv!


Thank you for all that you do! You show accompaniment and care to patients no matter the situation and are the best examples of commitment to your community.


Sending deepest thanks to my courageous ZL colleagues, and hopeful thoughts for more peaceful days ahead for you and your patients!


To our ZL friends and family, we are sending love and hope to all of you. Thank you for your heroic efforts and dedication to your patients and the people of Haiti. I am in awe of your strength and resilience!

Rachel Isaacs

Your strength, courage and commitment to our patients and mission is remarkable and inspiring. Sending love and deepest thanks to each of you for your heroic efforts day after day especially in these most difficult of circumstances.


Mwen pa gen anpil mo pou’m byen di koman nou inspire’m ak kouraj ak dedikayson nou yo. Mési anpil pou tout nou fe chak jou pou pran swen pasyans nou yo epi kenbe pòt ZL yo ouvé. Map panse anpil pou nou epi map priye pou nou. Kenbe fèm.

Christa Michaud

Hi all! I can't imagine how much stress you must be feeling, but you have proven to be resilient, adaptable, and incredibly empathetic (especially during these last few weeks). Sending you all the love and positivity in the world from Arizona. Let us know how we can support you.

Alicia Krewer

Ekip ZL, I'm in awe every day of the lifesaving work you do despite so many obstacles. Deepest thanks for your dedication and personal sacrifices to give patients the care they need! Kenbe fem. Sending gratitude and solidarity from Boston.

Annie Michaelis

Mèsi Zanmi Lasante!!


Courage à vous!


Dear Zanmi Lasante staff, I am reading about Dr. Paul Farmer's work in Mountains Beyond Mountains. By the time I got to the secnd chapter, I worried about the safety of your clinic staff and patients . My heart goes out to all of you in this time of violence and certainty. Thank you for everything you are doing to care for the sick and inured of Haiti. Margie from Minnesota

margie o'loughlin

You are amazing. Keep up the excellent work at Zanmi Lasante. I wish you all the best as you care for your community.


Zanmi p'am yo, Mwen rampli admyrasyon pou nou. Detemynasyon ak kouraj pa nou inspire m ak mond la entye. Ekip ZL se yon limye pou jistis la ak lespwa a. M reve pou joune lè gen lape a ak sekirite a nan Ayiti nan chak ri, chak kay, chak kè, chak lekól, chak klinik. Nou travay fò pou joune sa a rive vit. Kè mwen an avèk nou toujou pandan chak pa. Bondye beni nou, Pè Ali


Je pense fort à vous! Merci pour tout ce que vous faites.


I think about your team every day with great admiration and concern. Your efforts are truly heroic and an inspiration to us all.


Thank you for all that you do and for all the lives you have and continue to save no matter the obstacles! I am thinking of you all during this time and am in awe of all that you do. OnePIH is behind you all always, Ekip Solid.


Merci, merci, merci. Vous faites la fierté d’un peuple et inspirer le monde. Que Dieu vous garde. Du courage!


Your courage and commitment to care inspire us around the world. Thank you for continuing to provide services, even amidst the most difficult of services. God bless you all and keep you safe.


Keep up the good work!


Dear ZL Team, Your dedication to your patients and colleagues is amazing. Thinking of all of you with gratitude for your tireless work. Best, Nancy


Sending lots of love & solidarity to the team. Although these unjust circumstances should never have come to be, thank you for being an inspiration to PIH staff and others, everywhere.


Thank you for your continued dedication to your patients. Your resilience is commendable and everyone here at Partners In Health Canada is sending you love and deep gratitude.


Sharing my deepest thoughts of safety and peace for you, your family and patients as you work through the current situation. Thinking of you and here to support in whatever way is most helpful.

Jess Parker

Dear ZL team, I am thinking of you all every day. Thank you for all you are doing for our patients. Sending support, love, and strength your way.


First, let me say “thank you”. Thank you for the dedication, love and caring commitment you present each day in carrying on the mission (our mission) of Dr. Farmer. You are inspiring. I have always been so stressed knowing the situation there and each of you possibly being in harm’s way. My heart goes out to you all and to the beautiful people and county of Haiti. May peace be with you.


Thinking of all of you. Please stay safe!! Thank you for all you do for ZL patients and families, every single day.


In these challenging times, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation and admiration for your unwavering dedication and resilience. Your commitment to serving others and making a difference is truly inspiring.

David Blake

Thank you for all you do for the Haitian people, you true are heroes.

Dr. Véronica Blake

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