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A collection of stories filled with hope

Wall of Hope

Roselène, single mom to Jonara, is grateful for J9 and all the ways she felt supported as she faces postpartum depression.

Binalson, one year after having survived severe injuries from the South Earthquake, can now celebrate his 14th birthday.

Anita holds her newborn, days after having given birth to a healthy baby at Boucan Carré's new Maternity Ward.

Manasse, 27 and full of joy, faces the challenges of living with bipolar disorder head on, knowing he can rely on the Mental Health team at HUM for his treatment.

Rosemerline, born prematurely, sleeps peacefully at Kay Manmito where her mom, Rosemitha has received care and support during her difficult pregnancy.

Guerline, mom of 6, holds her one-year-old Sanora as they celebrate having graduated from the J9 program.

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